“Thanks Yan! You made it possible!”

Markus S

“Went from regular guy to a pain afflicting death machine in a couple of months, even if I was doubtful the 10-14 hrs per week is enough for that. Learned the importance of recovery, rather than killing myself with training and falling in a hole so deep I’d wake up in China. Great coach, great mentor”

Aleks C.

“Can’t find words. Thank you for super coaching!!!!!!!!!!!!! AG35-39 Silver medal!!!! And my time was 1:03 better than last year. Great job!”

Ville V.

“New half-IM PB… Lots and lots credits go to our awesome coach creating awesome training programs, sessions, and such!”

Aaro J.

“Thanks to you for the training and the advice this year – I have no idea what your magic is but it certainly works!”

Juliette D.

“Thank you Yan! Without your coaching I couldn´t achieve this goal”

Anu H.

“I first did couple of years of triathlon training by myself, with no program nor very good structuring with training. Too much the same old stuff from month to month. I had the feeling that those training hours could be used more effectively. Joining the Yan’s TCF team last October gave me a few things; a structured training program with some variance to follow, nice group trainings at track and pool, Yan’s proffessional tips to correct my swim/run technique, strength training which I had neglegted before, lots of tips and advice over what ever was bothering me, – and last but now the least -, a great TCF community with many new friends! Stronger together!. About Yan then; a very professional multi-talented coach combined with a great social personality, willing and available to support his team. I can highly recommend”

Jussi R.

“I started triathlon about one year ago immediately when I accomplished my first marathon. I was looking more diversity instead of pure running. Tri-Coaching-Finland was a perfect solution to my wishes! TCF did not only teach me how to train triathlon, it also brought me this new lifestyle which is something I only dreamed about before. The group spirit is something amazing! In one year, triathlon have become a big part of my daily life. Yan Busset, you were the man who opened the world of triathlon and got me to believe myself. Result is now that we are heading to Ironman Frankfurt! Amazing! I’m so thankful for the TCF! Yan Busset, best tri-coach EVER!!! #Stronger together”

Joonas S.

“from virtually no sport after a stress fracture due to heavy running load, I bought a bike during holidays and was introduced to Yan Busset by a friend. After two years of training, I have now completed few half and full marathon, a sprint Triathlon, 2 olympic, 3 half Ironman (70.3) and one full Ironman. All injury free with great load management despite (very) frequent international travels in different time zones (Europe – US – Asia). Weekly training calendar being adjusted based on my professional calendar. On top of being a great, passionated triathlon coach, Yan also turned to be a great friend and adviser. Now moving to US and feel comfortable to carry on with Yan remotely.”

Yannick D.

“Could not reach my goal without you Yan! After just a six months of training with You, I was able to do my very first triathlon ever. Half distance at Joroinen. Next goal is to improve time. Next year. Thank you, you are awesome!”

Heli V.